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Jumat, 20 Maret 2009

watashi no niban uchi wa . . . . .

20.53 Posted by Tiara Putri 1 comment
well, well, well (as usual this is my favorite word to start), I'll tell you about a story, I hope this story will make you thinking something or at least you'll find something useful TO HELP ME.
Once upon a time, in a very, very, very far away place from here, there is a little village behind a big mountain. the mountain always have blizzard even there is summer or spring seasons. in these village live a little amount of people, the people always smile everyday and they never think bad each other, one day, someone said that in that village someone made a group, everyone think that as usual not to different, but when that group show up their existence, other people in the village felt not comfortable, that group just a childish people who sit together, they were so egoist, talk rubbish, underestimate other people out of their group and other people in the village just stay calm and not doing anything. why????, because other people in the village always want their village always be a comfortable place to stay, when they can share any happiness or sadness. if there is an event in the village, there is always a person who crying, because that group being a leader that otoriter (hhahhha), and just want their argue which can be grant, and of course they talk harsh to other.
finally, other people in that village, call that group as Death Eater, because they can omit happiness, they can't understand what is the meaning of "Hear people", and the most think that make the villagers disappoint is finally they know that their leader not stand in their place, every person in that village always think a resolution of this problem, they just want to see their village life in happiness and nation. the simple think that hard to grant.
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  1. Yep, kalo kata aq si boleh aja kita ngrasa kecewa,bgt, (komen bwt postingan di atas) kita berhak kq,aq jadi kurang nyaman d negeri blizzard :(


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