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Selasa, 22 September 2009

Become a Melancholy Girl (Again)

23.11 Posted by Tiara Putri No comments
i wish this time i have someone in my mind,
someone who'll steal my time by just thinking about him,
someone who'll make my heartbeat faster by just hearing his name,
someone who'll be STAR in my heart.
i wish i get someone special both in my heart and my brain,
bcoz eventough love torment me,
i can feel that my life become a colourful fairyland,

eventough love always cruel to me,
but i miss the pain that caused by love,
im happy with my life now,
but its feel boring without the feeling of doki-doki ;}
i miss the time that i pray for the happiness of my beloved,
miss the tears that always caused by my beloved,
miss the time when "kokoro ni ame ga futte imasu",
miss the time when i missed to hear his voice,
miss the time when i fall in love,
and honestly i miss you.
xxxChuu original by ra~ccon

PS : did you know?i want to loving you,
but i know there is no chance for me to love you,
there is no place in your heart for me even it's so tiny,
maybe it's my mistake,
to make you become my star just because my life was so boring.
Did you know?yesterday i wish you asked about my condition and said "happy aidil fitri" or something like that.
But im still happy because you prayed for my success.
And did you know?i wish that my fate bring me to school in your place,
im dying by just trying to love you.
The fact already slapped me to woke up from my long dream.
With the indirect ways you already told me to gave up and dont disturb you again.
Love always has a wings to fly from the people it dont like,
and me is one of the people.

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