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Sabtu, 27 Maret 2010

Just Another Story of My Melodramatic Life.

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"Happy Birthday to you". today is his birthday, and for some reason I can't tell him happy birthday. well, I'm his friend so what's wrong with saying some word, yeah that's right, but I'm scared of my feeling and other feeling, okay maybe I'm too negative thinking, but yah here I am, standing behind the safety line.
okay that's the end of my melodramatic life, I hate to think about it too much, it make me headache and uncomfortable. well, last night I have a weird dream and I hate the fact that I remember what I dreamed about. ugh ... maybe I need some medication or something to distract both of my brain and my heart. hufh. oya I forgot to tell you that I already did my UN and tomorrow is UM UGM, huwaa actually I have something big to think over than that weird dream.
xxxChuu original by ra~ccon.

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