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Kamis, 27 November 2008

3 Girls

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It's about three girls, you wanna know what will I write in here?, you'll never know. Everytime I looked this photo, it's always give an inspire to me about girl, you know I though this photo tell me about "girl's room", I mean girl's live. but it just my imagination. I'll tell you about my though. first about the girl who's wearing red jacket, it's show about happiness and sweetness in life, I can see in her smile and her eye (maybe). second, it's me, a girl who's wearing white jacket, I think I represent future, I'm the girl who was standing and looking for the future. and then the last, the girl who was sitting (it's a little scary I think), its represent sadness in life. That's all what I though, but this is just my though. thank you if there's anyone who can share the same think with me^^.

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