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Kamis, 27 November 2008


20.50 Posted by Tiara Putri 1 comment
I like this photo. in the middle of the way, and the lamp from the car in the side, and the shock expression. I like my pose in there, altough my face cant be seen, but I like my funny pose. but this photo remembering me with my drama's team, we share about 3 weeks, we spend time together until tonight, and in the last day we practiced, we got berserk (hhahha), but I think I was so cool when I separated my friend who was have a "word war". its so painful but it's really make me wanna replay that. And as the result, the best actor and actriss taken from my team, wow, we are so happy. and we so proud with our result.

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  1. I remember drama classes. They were lots of fun.


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