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Jumat, 28 November 2008

I'll tell you about ninja

21.39 Posted by Tiara Putri No comments
I want to be a ninja. why?, because the have spirit and they will fight until their death. I love ninja, they are so mysterious, and they have so many secret weapon, and they have the smoke bomb to escape if they in urge condition. I love ninja, because they using jutsu, If I can, I want to learn about ninjutsu and genjutsu, seem that I'm not qualified to using taijutsu with my weak body. If I can do the genjutsu, I'll hypnotize everyone so they can like me, need me, love me, and beside me always(altough it's not their feeling). If my sensei ask me to choose my element, I'll choose wood and air, why?because wood can be useful in the long task and air can cut anything, isn't that so cool?. I love to be ninja, because they have their way's as ninja.

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