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Jumat, 28 November 2008

Nothing just Nothing

21.07 Posted by Tiara Putri No comments
I'm the biggest loser in the world. why?, because I'm the one who hate lose so much. but when I lose, I just can hate myself and feel so disappoint. my friend ever told me something like this ; you can be a mature girl if you trying, just try to go out from your house and try to talking with you neighborhood.(I'm a really really talkative girl if you wanna know). then I replied ; thank you for your attention to me, but I just wanna ask something to you, did you know about the safety bounds?, did you know about something like "dilemma"?, If I dont have a mistake, someone who knows about these things, wont say something that you like. maybe its not have a connection with the first sentence. but I just wanna say, that I'm not okay with my condition, I so hate myself when I feel something like lose, but I know why I dont try to regain my strength and get up. ooh I just dont know what I said.

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