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Minggu, 26 Desember 2010

Stories About Knight Of Spoon, Fork and Knife

23.24 Posted by Tiara Putri , 2 comments
wahhaaa ... I like these photo which taken in Martabak Ufo with Ayu, Puspa and Mbak Tari. well ... it simply show me and my new habit, Eating like a monster. check it out the chronologies.
see ... I don't know why, today is an old month so the reality is I don't have much money, but I don't know why when it comes to my stomach business I always have money, I wonder why ?
and I just love eating much or If I could say, I eat too much and well yah I started to worry about my health. why ? because I eat too much but never doing some exercise. well, no wonder today I turn into a newborn pig LOL hhahha.
and you know what, this photo were taken after I finished my first plate, wahaha, I eat two servings, altough my pants feels so tight I think. I should buy a bigger number from now on
everyone just "ckckck!" looking at me, well I'm sorry dude but I don't know why too my appetite became so crazy. well, maybe it just a side effect from my growth hhahha such a nonsense.
here I am, the knight of spoon, fork and knife.well, somehow I already told my friend that my resolution in 2011 is to have a healthy life, I definitely can do that dude ^^ .
xxxChuu original by ra~ccon.

PS : yuhuu ... I'm using english ^^. sorry for the bad grammar, but you got what I meant right ^^

2 komentar:

  1. Itu... makan martabak? :D
    Duh, saya ga bisa makan martabak banyak-banyak...
    Kalo terang bulan, saya bisa. *ngakak*

    Di SUrabaya, "terang bulan" itu martabak manis. Kalo "martabak", itu pasti martabak asin. :)

    Ehem.. *batuk*
    Saya sarankan harus hati2 kalo makan. Perhatikan makanan apa yang masuk ke perut. :)

  2. klo disini martabak manis namanya Kue Bandung loh. klo di purwakarta martabak manis namanya martabak bangka.
    wahh apalagi yang spesial keju wuaah mantep dah.
    iyah nih ... saya udah jadi kayak tempat sampah berjalan hhehhe ^^
    resolusi 2011 menjalani hidup sehat ^^


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